Welcome to the Ironwood Grants Management System!
Welcome !
Welcome to the Ironwood Grants Management System. Ironwood believes that it is important not only to support and give back to the communities in which we work and have a corporate presence, but also to support those non-profit service and patient advocacy organizations that support patients and public health, and whose primary focus is:
(a) Consistent with Ironwood's therapeutic areas of interest, areas of expertise and concentration, and
(b) On improving healthcare in communities, increasing awareness of disease states, helping patients gain disease state information that they need, improving access to care, and promoting science and medicine.

Below are descriptions of the four types of applications that Ironwood accepts. Upon clicking an application button, you will be brought to the appropriate page where returning users can log in, and new users can register.


Ironwood is committed to the support of bona fide medical education programs related to but not necessarily limited to therapies, disease states, and other therapeutic categories aligned with Ironwood's areas of medical and/or scientific interest. The medical education programs that Ironwood supports are to further objective and scientific discourse or healthcare provider and/or other healthcare-related personnel education and are independent of Ironwood or other commercial influence.

Sponsorships convey some benefit upon Ironwood in exchange for financial support, such as recognition through a public acknowledgement of the company's support, display of the company logo, or seats at a table for a fundraising dinner. Sponsorships are generally provided to non-profit, tax exempt 501(c) organizations that have a public health mission and are not purchasers of Ironwood products.

Ironwood will consider charitable donations or contributions in support of the overall mission of organizations related to healthcare where no expectation of recognition is present. Support for charitable purpose shall only be provided to non-profit organizations that have a public health mission and are recognized as tax exempt 501(c).

This type of request seeks funding, non-financial support such as investigational compounds or clinical trial materials, or both, for an independently-conceived Investigator-initiated Study (IIS) project. Applicants for IIS support must have the necessary scientific or clinical background, experience, and resources to conduct the proposed research, and be willing to submit a Sponsor-Investigator IND application to the FDA when required. We anticipate that Applicants would be interested in publishing and/or presenting their findings at the conclusion of the project.